Conventional Home Construction

Most homebuyers are interested in conventional home construction instead of timber frame homes. Generally speaking, the conventional homes we build are constructed with traditional materials, such as 2x4s and other materials you’re used to seeing on new houses.

The great news is, you still get to start with a clean slate.

Chances are, you’ve already designed the perfect living room, bathroom, kitchen, or man cave in your mind. If you haven’t, your wife certainly has!

Instead of choosing from pre-designed houses, you’ll get to show our team exactly what you have in mind. We’ll then customize a new home plan that is completely unique to your tastes. Even if you don’t fully know what you want, our designers know to ask just the right questions to help identify a perfect solution.

The only catch is, we never sacrifice on quality unless it’s at your request. We want you to be completely satisfied as you and your family enjoy happy moments in your new home for years to come.

To get started, please contact us today via the form on this page, or calling our friendly staff.

A few things to keep in mind as you’re putting together your thoughts before our first meeting:

  • Lighting: Many people, appreciate having ample amounts of natural lighting. Even with small adjustments to designs, you can dramatically improve the mood and atmosphere of the entire room. When natural light may not be readily available, having lights in the right spots can go a long way.
  • Entertaining: Your floor plan should be built to feel cozy when it’s just your family at home, but also comfortable when entertaining guests. Many of today’s houses are built with an open floor plan, allowing easy flow from one space to the next. Bonus - this also helps your house appear more spacious!
  • Outlets: You can never have too many outlets! Okay - while that may not be entirely true, you do want to plan for plenty of outlets installed to keep your computers, phones, vacuum, or other gadgets running right where you want them placed.
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