Custom Garage with Upper-Level Office Space

July 18, 2019

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A home is given much-needed extra garage space as well as a quiet office with this project. 

This garage was built at the request of a past client who needed somewhere to store his vehicles as well as a new office space away from the chaos of his always-barking dogs. This garage/office combo holds space for three full-size cars downstairs, with garage doors wide enough to pull in a Ford F-350 with its mirrors out. Upstairs, the office space includes a full bathroom, a bar area complete with sturdy shelves, and plenty of space to fit a living area, making this office a perfect In-Law Quarters for resale purposes. We will soon be adding full-wall bookshelves to the back wall as well. 



The yellow siding of this garage matches the color of the client's home as well as the color of the custom pool house we built for them previously (bottom right image). The garage also features a slightly slanted entry way that leads to drains in front of the doors in order to allow for easy drainage of water from the structure.


If you or someone you know would love a structure like this, contact Master Builders today to set up an appointment or receive a free quote.  

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